21st Birthday celebrations

What a fantastic day we have had here at Mini-Marquee Hire Northampton when we travelled to a place called Syresham to erect some marquees for the customer’s son’s 21st birthday. They hired two of our marquees in total, one being the 6m x 6m hexagonal marquee, and the other being the 3m x 4.5m marquee. Both marquees had all the sides attached and all weighted down with a hard standing kit. After we had fully set up the marquees that’s when we started installing the lights and heaters, and then started to bring all the furniture around from the van and set all the tables and chairs up.

Kit Supplied:

  • 1 – 6m x 6m Hexagonal Marquee
  • 1 – 3m x 4.5m Marquee
  • 8 – Side Panels
  • 36 – Bistro Chairs
  • 2 – Hard Surface Anchorage Kit
  • 7 – 8ft Tables
  • 1 – Gutter
  • 2 – Lights

Here’s what the customer had to say:

“Top quality marquee, top quality service, will be using Mini-Marquees in future”

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Birthday Party in Crick

Birthday Party in Crick

What a nice day we had here at Mini-Marquee Hire Northampton, as we went down to Crick to create an outdoor area for a customer’s birthday party in their back garden. The customer’s sister was turning 21 over the weekend and she wanted to throw her a surprise birthday party, so she hired one of our marquees and invited all her friends and family round for the big surprise. When we collected after the weekend she said she loved the marquee and the party was great.

Kit Supplied:

  •  1 – 5m x 5m Frame and Canopy
  • 3 – 5m Side Panels
  • 1 – Peg and Guy Rope Kit
  • 2 – Heaters
  • 1 – Light
  • 1 – MM Mat Flooring
  • 4 – 8ft Tables

If you would like more information regarding the hire of our ranges of Mini-Marquees, please fill in our online contact form, or call us on 01604 931 000

Garden Party – Hexagonal Marquee Hire

Here is a recent job we have done for a customer in Daventry in Northampton, where she wanted to hire one of our 6m x 6m hexagonal marquee for a garden party she was planning. She informed us that there were a good amount of people attending so she needed a lot of table and chairs; luckily for her, we had enough table and chairs available for that weekend. The customer also wanted some heaters and lights as the party was going to be later on in the evening and could potentially get more chilly.

Kit Supplied:

  • 1 – 6m x 6m Hexagonal Marquee
  • 6 – 3m Side Panels
  • 1 – Hard Surface Anchorage Kit
  • 1 – Peg and Guy Rope Kit
  • 2 – Lights
  • 1 – Heater
  • 2 – 8ft Tables
  • 2 – 6ft Tables
  • 17 – Chairs

If you would like more information regarding the hire of our ranges of Mini-Marquees, please fill in our online contact form, or call us on 01604 931 000

Garden Party in Northampton

Garden party in Northampton

On the 10th March we went to Northampton to erect two marquees; one 5m x 5m, and the other 3m x 2m. The marquees were both used for a garden party the home owners were planning, which they had to accommodate for a vast amount of people. 2 days later after the garden party had finished we went to dismantle the marquee and brought it back to the office.

Kit Supplied:

1 ~ 5m x 5m Frame & Canopy

3 ~ Side Panels

1 ~ 3m x 2m Frame & Canopy

1 ~ Peg & Guy Rope Kit

1 ~ MM Mat Flooring

If you would like more information regarding the hire of our ranges of Mini-Marquees, please fill in our online contact form, or call us on 01604 931 000

Christening in Kettering

Philippa Burnett Marquee Hire 1Mini-Marquee Hire Northampton had a lovely day when we went over to Kettering to set up a job for a very special christening this weekend.  The customer hired two of our 4m x 4m Premium Mini-marquees, with carpet flooring, tables and chairs.

Kit Supplied:

2 – 4.0m x 4.0m Mini-Marquees in Pearl & Racing Green

2 – Side Panels

1 – Side Panel with a Window and Roller Door

1 – Side Panel with Roller Door

2 – Peg & Guy Rope Kits

20 – Chairs

1 – 4.m Gutter system

4 – 6ft folding tables

Here’s what the customer had to say:

“I would like to thank everyone at Mini-Marquees for their wonderful service, we will be using you again in the future and would recommend you to anyone, thank you!”

If you would like more information regarding the hire of our ranges of Mini-Marquees, please fill in our online contact form, or call us on 01604 931 000

Managed Services



From the marqueehire-network.co.uk Website…

Managed Services is a service offered by MM Hire in conjunction with Mini-Marquees, for clients who wish to own and use marquees on a regular basis but do not wish to take logistical responsibility for them.

How does it work?
You purchase the Marquee fabric, in your choice of colours, along with any printing you require. This all gets stored by Mini Marquees.

You provide a list of the events at which the unit is needed, Mini Marquees hire you the Marquee Framework and accessories, delivers the unit to the show on build up day, assembles the stand, then after the show, dismantles the stand, brings it back to Mini Marquees.

Once back at Mini Marquees the entire unit gets cleaned and checked for any damage, then stored away until the next show.

Benefits of Managed Services?

No Hassle – your staff can turn up on site on the 1st morning of the show / event and start work straight away, No stand building, tidying etc. Simply arrive and focus on the job in hand. As the show finishes the staff can simply leave the stand for our team to collect.

No Health & Safety Issues – Using Mini Marquees fully trained expert staff eliminates any additional training requirements as well as removes the risks associated with manual handing and lifting heavy objects and specialist equipment.

No Storage – Storage costs money, sometimes big money, this is not the case with Mini Marquees. Sign up to our managed services and the storage of the Mini Marquee is Free!

Reliability – The team at Mini Marquees pride our selves on our reputation as The Worlds Number 1 Promotional Marquee Manufacturers. We aim to ensure the stands are up at the required time and date and in pristine condition every time. Mini Marquees will not let you down.

Windows and Roller Doors

When hiring people hire our marquees, they sometimes like to allow a little extra light in, whilst closing off a side, to enable people inside to still admire the garden.  Why not order a side panel that comes complete with a Window.  Others like to be able to close their marquee off at night and have a front panel complete with a roller door.


Roller Doors

2 heavy duty zips allow a section of an attached side panel to be rolled up to provide access to the Mini Marquee.

Position of the door is possible in any of the sections of the side panels, however the large centre section is the most common option.


Transparent soft plastic windows 1m deep can be fitted into the chosen section on side panels.

The width of the window depends on the size of the section chosen. As with Roller Doors the centre section is the most common location for a window.

Please fill in our contact form or call 01604 931 000 to discuss any requirements you may have.

Marquee flooring available

Mini Marquee Hire Northampton have 2 types of flooring available for your event:

MM Mat– Our most popular flooring option is the Charcoal coloured, high quality carpet. Ideal for use on both soft and hard surfaces MM Mat is flame retardant, waterproof and ultra hard wearing and most importantly does not smell like the more commonly used coco matting.


 MM Dance – Fully compatible with  MM Mat you can create a dancefloor or bar area within the Marquee which not only looks great but has the quality you would expect from Mini Marquees.

Please note: Not all local areas can supply all types of flooring, please see your local site for more information.
If you would like any details on price or would like to enquire about our range of marquees and accessories please call on 01604 931 000 or use our online contact form

Marquee Furniture available.

Mini Marquee Hire Northampton have a selection of tables and chairs available to hire to complete the interior layout of your Mini-Marquee.

Aluminium Furniture

 Add that touch of style with our new silver aluminium Poseur Tables and Bistro Sets. Available as a low table & chair set or as a tall poseur table only, this furniture once again adds that little bit extra to your event.

Heavy Duty Plastic & Steel Furniture

Our standard range top quality tables and chairs are hard wearing and durable, yet comfortable and easy on the eye. Available in various shapes and sizes with discounts available on furniture when you hire a Marquee from us.

Please contact us for more details.

Heating and Lighting


Mini Marquee Hire Northampton use only 1 type of light within the Marquees, our basic MM Light offers the best results as well as the best value. When fitted to the framework the light can be adjusted so it points into the roof of the Marquee giving an all round “glow” rather than a bright spotlight.


The heating used comes as the basic MM Heat which attaches to the leg attached to the uprights of the Marquee. Our heater uses infra red halogen technology offering a totally dry heat with no condensation, no gas fumes and best of all no smell.

To ensure that all the electricity options are as safe as possible All our heat & light units come with RCD extension leads as standard.